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On the topic of Tumblr

I do not think I will be active much anymore.  The dwindling number of followers is really making me not want to post here.  I post my art - I do not reblog other things or whatever unless I find it important to do so, so there is really no reason to stick around if my stuff is going to be as ignored as it is.  I will still be posting on FA, dA, IB, and a couple other sites, but as shitty as it sounds, without the attention, I might as well simply not be on here anymore.

I won’t delete anything, but I’m not going to post for a while.  Maybe I’ll come back to it eventually, I don’t know yet.

shaythewolf asked:

Your drawings are awesome! Your style is simply great and all your own. It's very admirable. I have to ask though, what programs do you draw with?

I do ~99% of it in SAI. If I need special filters (usually just gaussian blur like in the last image) I’ll boot up Photoshop CS5. Otherwise CS5 is just for scans.

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